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O2 Now Offers Unlimited Data Plans

Today, O2 announced and launched its very own Unlimited data plans. Joining Three, EE & Vodafone, A’s all 4 major networks now offer an unlimited plan within the UK. If you’re interested, these are the plan details you need to know: Unlimited data (4G) Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts £33 per month. or a 12-month plan: Unlimited data (4G) Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts £35 per month. There’s currently no unlimited 5G plans and no 30 dayContinue reading

EE Launches Unlimited Data Plans

EE today announced, it will join network Three & Vodafone in the ‘unlimited’ data plan race. Not only will EE’s plans be unlimited, but there will also be no data caps or restrictions – meaning you’ll get access to the fastest speeds available! The only caveat is that EE will offer separate 4G & 5G plans. An unlimited 4G sim only plan will cost £34 a month for 12 months. Whereas an unlimited 5G simContinue reading

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The 5G Revolution Is Coming

With all networks currently “racing” to get it launched and 5G compatible devices in your hands first. The revolution (or is it evolution), of the next generation technology is hotting up for a big release this Thursday (30th May 2019) when the UK’s biggest network EE launches its 5G service and officially turns it on. 5G phones are available for pre order, with most being delivered this week. And when they do. If you happenContinue reading