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Ubisoft Forward

All game updates from the #UbiForward event (July 12). Watchdogs Legion – Coming October 29th 2020. Assassins Creed Valhalla – Coming November 17th 2020. Far Cry 6 – Coming February 18th 2021. Hyper Scape – Available now on PC (Open Beta). Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Just the start. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad – Coming August 27th 2020. Might and Magic Era of Chaos – Play now. Brawlhalla – Launches on mobile August 6th. GhostContinue reading

Cyberpunk 2077 Update

Sadly, Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed again. This time, pushed back until November 19th. CD Projekt Red gave the heart-felt update at 17:02 on June 18th. And while I’m gutted I won’t get to play it on release (I wanted it for Stadia, which I believe was “by the end of the year” anyway). So for me, this is still within the timeframe of release. And maybe the extra time will mean a day &Continue reading

PlayStation’s Black Friday Deals Begin

With Black Friday just around the corner, PlayStation have kicked off their deals, and with up to 60% off. You’d be crazy not to check them out. Just one of the many brilliant games I’ve seen (and played) was Spider-Man for a wallet-pleasing; £15.99. Or God of War, for £12.99. Days Gone, for £34.99. Go check out some of the deals, as I’m pretty there’s something for everyone on there. Follow the link below, whichContinue reading

PlayStation Now Price Drop

Starting today, PS Now will be offered at a more compelling price that is comparable to other entertainment streaming services on the market. Current customers will see this new pricing reflected in their next billing cycle. The new prices will be: EU: €9.99 – monthly / €24.99 – quarterly / €59.99 – yearly (from €14.99/ (N/A)/ €99.99) UK: £8.99 – monthly / £22.99 – quarterly / £49.99 – yearly (from £12.99 / (N/A) / £84.99)Continue reading

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Twitch Streaming

I decided, it was time… Time to get onto Twitch and stream my games. I’m starting with Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and have done 3 parts so far. Part 4 will happen today, so please keep an eye out. A new Twitch tab has been added, for easy access to my channel. I’ll link below too and add my videos, for ease of access! Check me out, follow, watch and enjoy me getting jumpy andContinue reading

Game Release Dates 2019

Game release dates, are subject to change. Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter expansion [PS4 & XBO] – June 10 The Last Remnant Remastered [Switch] – June 10 Battle Worlds: Kronos [Switch] – June 11 Collection of Mana [Switch] – June 11 Cadence of Hyrule [Switch] – June 13 Forza Horizon 4: Lego Speed Champions DLC [PC, XBO] – June 13 World End Syndrome [PS4, Switch] – June 14 Another Sight [PC, PS4, XBO] – June 18Continue reading