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iPhone 11 Pro Review

After a 2 month wait, I decided to upgrade from my iPhone XS, to the 11 Pro. It was a decision I didn’t make lightly, but in the end. I made my mind up, and here’s why; Like all iPhone unboxings, the phone was neatly packaged and pristine. Only when I opened my first 11 Pro, the screen had a hairline crack. Which luckily was replaced swiftly. I decided after many years of silver iPhones,Continue reading

PlayStation 7.0 Announced

Sony’s latest software update for PlayStation 4, version 7.00, is launching this week worldwide. The update includes new functionality to key system features including Party and Remote Play. Along with “bug fixes”. PS4 users can expect a couple of key feature updates. Party Feature Update For PS4 fans who love to play alongside their friends or other community members, the Party feature has been rebuilt to include new features and services including:  Maximum number ofContinue reading

Apple Sends Invites Out For September Press Conference

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, Apple has announced officially, the date for its annual September press conference. Just like it was predicted, the event will be held on September 10th, 2019. At 10am (US time). So mark your calendars and get ready for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max & iPhone 11 Pro. As well as the new iPad Pro 2019, updates to MacBook(?) and Apple Watch Series 5(?). AndContinue reading

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100+ iOS 13 FEATURES & Changes

This is a massive amount of features. And this isn’t even all of them. This is a big list. But worth every bit of the read. 1) Access Wi-fi & Bluetooth Menu Directly from Control Centre. 2) Dark Mode activation from the Torch Control Centre menu. 3) Some Icon Tweaks, including Find My. 4) New Contact Relationship Labels. 5) New Stickers / Memoji. 6) New Animoji (Mouse, Octopus & Cow). 7) Memoji appearance and accessoriesContinue reading

WWDC LiveBlog

UPDATE: I’ve now populated the sit with all the tweets. So it’s available in one scroll of the page. Let’s get this live twitter blog started. I’m going to live tweet the press conference. And it should all populate below. It’s started. And we’re seeing different animations and even some Animojis. We’re seeing a lot of “clues”. I’m the form of icons – within the animation. A scene is now playing. We’re seeing various peopleContinue reading

WWDC 2019

Today’s the day, we (Apple fan boys & girls) have been waiting for. iOS 13 & WatchOS 6 are just two things I’m super hyped for. But of course, I am looking forward to ALL the announcements. The press conference starts at 6pm U.K. time. And I’ll be live blogging the whole thing. Check back at 17:45pm. When all the fun will start.

WWDC 2019

Apple have now sent out media invites to its World Wide Developers Conference for 2019. And have confirmed the live press conference date as Monday 3rd June. With the rest of the event taking place until Friday 7th June. As with all Apple events, the invite itself (pictured below) gives some hints of what’s to come. So here’s a couple of things I noticed; First off, the joystick & bowling pin – this to me,Continue reading