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Stadia Pro Games for May and Wireless Controller Support for Chrome

Another month, another group of free games with Stadia Pro. First up, challenge your mind and test your bravery against the perplexing puzzles of The Turing Test, as you unravel the mysteries surrounding an outpost on the icy moon of Europa. The Turing Test just launched on Stadia and it’s available to claim right now for free with Stadia Pro. Then turn the tables on shambling reanimated legions in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. TheContinue reading

Google Adds Four New Features to Duo

Some of us used to take for granted being able to visit friends and loved ones, however with COVID-19 having a huge impact on life, we are finding news ways to fill the void. Whilst Apple users have had FaceTime for a while now, that is still limited to Apple devices, thankfully there is a great alternative out there made by Google. Google Duo is a cross platform app which works on both Apple andContinue reading

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Quick notes; Upon receiving the smart clock, I was pleasantly surprised to see the lovely grey soft cloth fabric surrounding the device, it really fits in well with my grey decor. It’s compact size means it sits just right on my bedside table and doesn’t intrude the space around it. With its clear 4″ display, it’s large enough to see the time without any struggles. And sensitive enough to use with one finger on theContinue reading

Google Just REVEALED The Pixel 4 On Twitter!

At 19:30 UK time, Google randomly decided to release an official first look at the new Pixel 4 There’s not much more info, other than the photo. But I’d imagine there’s a press conference coming up soon. Keep an eye out for any official news. I’ll post it here should Google announce anything.