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PlayStation 5 Date and Price Reveal

Updated information will be added, during the livestream. PS5 Games Final Fantasy XVI. Spider-Man Miles Morales – Holiday 2020. Hogwarts Legacy – 2021. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Holiday 2020. Resident Evil (8) Village – Coming 2021. Deathloop – Coming Q2 2021. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition – Available Digitally at launch. Oddworld Soulstorm. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. Demon’s Souls. Fortnite – Coming to PS5 at launch. PlayStation PlusContinue reading

Xbox Series X Gets Price and Date Reveal

Next-gen is finally here, and with it comes a battle. A battle between Sony & Microsoft. Both are great companies, offering great hardware & software. And while they support & respect one another, only one can be crowned the winner. This generation, I’ve seen Microsoft push to be number 1. And they’ve certainly been pulling out all the stops. I’ve always used a PlayStation as my main console of choice, but this time around. IContinue reading

Xbox Series S Officially Announced

It’s official! The next gen Xbox Series S is coming, and not long to wait. If you wanted a cheaper disc-less future, with the ability to play Next-Gen games. Your prayers have been answered. The Xbox Series S is coming November 2020 (Probably alongside the Xbox Series X), and will cost £249.99 / $299.00 (ERP). Now, as someone who hasn’t played much Xbox. Everything of late, has been REALLY tempting me. And this Series XContinue reading

Ubisoft Forward

All game updates from the #UbiForward event (July 12). Watchdogs Legion – Coming October 29th 2020. Assassins Creed Valhalla – Coming November 17th 2020. Far Cry 6 – Coming February 18th 2021. Hyper Scape – Available now on PC (Open Beta). Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Just the start. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad – Coming August 27th 2020. Might and Magic Era of Chaos – Play now. Brawlhalla – Launches on mobile August 6th. GhostContinue reading

New Games Coming To Stadia

Some of the best games weave powerful stories and narratives that stir up our own emotions as players – and we’re excited to announce two new narrative games coming soon to the Stadia store for purchase. Search for your mother across the dangerous lands of the Wild West while staying hidden in El Hijo – A Wild West Tale, a stealth game with a focus on puzzle-solving. Help Madeline climb to the top of Celeste MountainContinue reading

Windbound Is Coming To Stadia

This beautiful action role-playing game from Deep Silver, will set you off on a journey for survival. It’s not only coming to XBOX, Steam and Epic Store. But also, the very awesome Stadia platform. And the date you’re after is: August 28th. While the price for Stadia hasn’t been announced just yet, it is £24.99 on all other platforms, so one can only assume it’ll be £24.99 on Stadia too. Check out the announcement trailerContinue reading

Stadia July Games Announced

Four new games are coming to Stadia Pro, on July 1st. And with it, comes my number one game to play right now, Crayta! Crayta. SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful Of Dirt. Monster Boy: And The Cursed Kingdom. West Of Loathing. For more info, check out the Stadia Community Blog Post. And check out Stadia Digital for more news, and check out the social channels & drop them a follow – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Pokémon Presents… Pokémon Unite.

If you’re a Pokémon fan, like me. You’ll want to check out the Pokémon Presents Premiere video below. The Pokémon Company premiered a press conference just one week ago, so to have another just 7 days later is, welcomed. But yet again, we have no clue as to whats about to be announced. So grab your second tub of popcorn, and lets see what new awesomeness the Pokémon company can bring. Starting at 14:00 (UKContinue reading

Stadia Exclusive, Crayta Gets Release Date

Crayta is a Stadia Exclusive, launching as part of the Stadia Pro subscription. So effectively, you can claim the game for free and play Crayta, as long as your subscription remains active. You can of course, buy the game, without Pro. And play that way too. So let’s get ready to play, create and play some more. Get your creator hat on, as Crayta is just around the corner, and I cannot wait to getContinue reading