Motorola RAZR UK Launch Event

I was lucky enough to attend the UK launch event for the new Motorola RAZR smartphone.

This was Motorola’s first reinvented smartphone, with a fully flexible & folding display.

I made a short video (below) capturing some of phone.

The Moto RAZR can be exclusively purchased on contract within the UK via EE.

When in Berlin!

I’m currently waiting for my flight, with a coffee in hand, excited and ready to fly to Berlin.

The news broke when Lenovo let me know, I had been chosen (1 out of 15) to take part in their Lenovo Champions group.

I was soon being offered a place to fly to Berlin, where I would attend Lenovo’s Tech Life Press Conference – this is a great opportunity for this event alone – I would also get to attend IFA with Lenovo. Seeing the latest innovative products from all companies, big & small.

As I wait at the airport, I’m hearing the group WhatsApp notifications coming in. These alerts telling me the other champs are slowly arriving at the hotel we’ll all stay at.

Last week, I received a Motorola package in the post. And inside, was a Motorola One Action – I unboxed this via YouTube. So please do check it out.

The phone is sleek, smart and very capable of replacing some top tier handsets.

I’ll be using the phone during my stay in Berlin. Hopefully getting some vlog style videos in, and of course using it to take as much footage of all the events that happen.

I’d like to thank Lenovo for this incredible opportunity. And if you’d like to follow the journey. Please check out my Twitter / Instagram page links below.

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