fresh new look for kwmedia

After my website effectively broke, I looked at my options and decided to freshen things up a little.

So with that, the blog now has a clean light theme, a new logo, and all the unnecessary clutter removed.
Leaving you, the reader with a nicer looking and easier to read page.

I’ve also updated the twitter page with the new logo too. So we have consistency across the brand. Going forward I’ll start to publish and post more from the brand account. Leaving my personal account for any RT’ing to spread the word.

I’m also looking at bringing my other channels and brands into one, so that we have a single account / page to post from, rather than try to run and maintain multiple accounts. An example of this could be bringing News Byte to KWMedia, rather than them both being separate entitites.

All this is something that will take time. So bare with me while I create one singular super account.

Stay tuned and keep a look out for any updates on the blog or via the Twitter account.

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