Skyclimbers Kickstarter Campain Meets Goal In One Day

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Skyclimbers is a Multiplayer City Building Action RPG game, being created by the team at Paratope.

The Kickstarter campaign had a goal of $25,000 / £17,934, and this was quickly met in just one day! The current support for Skyclimbers is at $146,193 / £104,873 (at the time of writing). With the Stadia community having quite a significant impact on those numbers.

The game looks like a crossover of Horizon Zero Dawn, Pokémon and Zelda: Breath of the Wild – and trust me when I say, this is no bad thing. I love all three of those games, so a combo of the above is pure gaming perfection!

With 22 days to go until the Kickstarter campaign ends, you have plenty of time to back it with your cash – and there’s plenty of options available at all levels of your budget, and the guys at Paratope are even doing live Twitch streams, including AMA’s (ask me anything), live Sentius design, and even importing models into the game engine itself for us all to drool over.

I think Skyclimbers is going to be awesome, and with 100’s of hours of procedurally generated open-world goodness to be explored. This is everything I want and love in a game.

Skyclimbers is set to release on Stadia, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation & Xbox. With Paratope & Stadia set to have talks this week. (This will hopefully open communication to get the game on Stadia a little quicker). Whatever platform you might support, I hope you’ll agree this game not only looks great, but also will be worth supporting.

So with all that, check out all the links, and go show this game some love (and follows).


All info (below) has been taken directly from the Skyclimbers Kickstarter page:

  • Build your kingdom, choose your class, and tame monsters in this city-building/open-world action RPG that takes place in a procedurally generated anime-themed metaverse. 
  • Inspired by Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, Pokemon, and RTS games like Northgard. 
  • Skyclimbers is a multiplayer, cross-platform, game with a massive infinitely generated universe. 
  • Realtime base building
  • Villagers will spawn in your stronghold
  • Manage game currency and resources for your kingdom
  • Chop trees and mine for stone
  • Realtime building mechanics
  •  Each Dynasty has unique architecture that you can build. 
The Foryoku Dynasty resembles ancient Japan.
  • Pick from one of three unique classes
  • Each has its own unique skill tree and statistics
  • Unique class armor and weapon sets


  • Wield double-handed weapons 
  • Equip heavy armor sets
  • Melee oriented skill tree


  • Wield gauntlets and staffs
  • Equip mage robes
  • Support / aggro-oriented skill tree


  • Wield longbows
  • Equip cloaks 
  • Stealth oriented skill tree
  • Fight against mob enemies in groups or alone
  • Farm or hunt resources to battle hunger
  • Build barracks and command units to defend your kingdom
  • Enemy clans will build opposing bases, and settlements. 

Tame Monsters 

  • Monsters evolve as they level up, unlocking new moves and abilities!
  • Choose one of three unique elemental starters
  • Mix and match with your class to create unique combos
  • Use your companion in real-time combat
  •  Monsters are called Sentius 


  • Any Sentius that reaches a large enough size is able to be mounted on land, in the water, or above the sky!
Flying Aldor
Riding Raion
Chasing some Zebura with Rhydaunt
  • Every Dynasty will feature a legendary elemental dragon such as Arraxos from the Drakonian Dynasty
Rekktor is a plasma type Sentius
  • Every dynasty will feature a set of three unique starter lines
Here is Akaneko the adorable Red Panda
A wild herd of Zebura, a Terra type Sentius
Mantaraffe walking the Savannah a Neutra type Sentius
Some Sentius will travel in herds or flocks
Shiny forms of the Sentius can be found randomly, and are called Astral
  • Biomes are procedurally generated and spawn infinitely. 
  • Discover new biomes each with its own fauna and flora
  • Uncover an ancient story embedded into the world
  • A completely procedural game world that regenerates over time as you harvest it’s resources
  • Every character, object, and living thing in the game must consist of at least one of the pure elements:
  •  Mining basic resources such as stone will drop Essence, which can be used to level up your Sentius, or put towards your skill tree. 

Choose an epic Dynasty based on one of the 9 elements + a historic real-world origin. 

  •  The Rokkuhito Dynasty is based on a mixture of Ancient Africa, and Sci-Fi fantasy. They possess the element, Terra.
  • The Drakonian Dynasty is based on a mixture of Norse mythology, and Gothic Medieval themes. They possess the element, Magma.
  •  The Foryoku Dynasty is based on a mixture of Ancient Japan, and Shaolin Monks. They possess the element, Aer

 Dynasties across the game world progressed untouched from one another until a great disturbance caused intervention from an alien race.

 project video thumbnail
  • A group of ancient humanoids, the Elders, from a far star system warp to your planet and initiate the sentinels. A group of men and beast chose to fight the void and restore order to the universe.
 project video thumbnail
  • The return of the Void triggers Shoi warp gates from across the star system. All three Dynasties of Lithan witness The Event, as artifacts crash into the atmosphere simultaneously.
  • Multiple biomes per region spread out from the epicenter following a realistic distribution based on elevation.
  • Each biome has unique fauna and foliage which can be hunted, harvested, or tamed!
  • Kingdoms and races will populate biomes randomly, allowing you to interact with the settlements or recruit them to your dynasty.
  •  Shoi landmarks such as Temples populate the map as well, providing you will points for your skill tree upon clearing a dungeon along with new fast travel locations. 
  • Temples can spawn in any biome, no matter what Dynasty you choose. 
  •  Bring your companions with you to real-time combat scenarios
Komora and Rhydaunt take on Rekktor
  • All three starter companions have unique skill trees as well so you can mix and match your class based on your companion. 
  • Emergent gameplay systems can be used in combat, burn enemies with the grass, attract lightning, or use a boulder to your advantage. 
  •  At launch, we plan to have co-op functionality, so you can share your world with other players and play through the survival/base building game loop with or without them.
  •  Keep your character persistent no matter what you do, take your class and companion with you to co-op matches, PVP, or even multiplayer ranked matches

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