Google Pay Updated, And Now With iPhone Support

After launching Google Pay in 2015. Google are ready to rebrand the service and help you manage your money.

The service will launch in the US first, and hopefully rollout to other countries at a later date.

  • Google Pay will work on Android and iOS.
  • Pay via contacts, within app. All private and secure. And only seen by you.
  • Group payments let you split bills between your friends or family.
  • Status updates for payments, in groups. And works on Android and iOS.
  • Business payments, all in app.
  • Order within app at over 100k restaurants. And find and pay for petrol with 30k petrol stations nationwide.
  • Quickly pay for parking, by entering space number and pay. Rolling Out to Park Mobile and Passport Parking.
  • Offers for you in app, just tap the plus on an offer. Then next time you pay online or in-store, offers will automatically be used. (Android & iOS)
  • Insights monitor all of your spending, in one place. You can also link other banks in to monitor spending.
  • Search feature lets you search specific transactions, like “Food”. And you’ll see a list of transactions made at restaurants or supermarkets.
  • Search for receipts in-app.
  • Privacy is at the forefront of Google Pay.

Plex by Google Pay combined will let you take control of your finances.

You can download the Google Pay app, on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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