Stadia News Roundup

It’s been a busy couple of months for gamers, and right now. There’s no signs of slowing down.

Next-gen has been and gone, but cloud-gen is giving and giving. The last couple of weeks have been really nice when it comes to news and features, and if you’re a Stadia player like myself. You’ll know that we’ve had news and game drops, features and updates galore.

Taken directly from the Stadia Community Blog page, these are just some of the great things now available on Stadia;

We’ve rolled out some new features on Stadia. Take a look at our release notes below: 

  • Family Sharing – We have officially launched Family Sharing, which will allow you to share games that you’ve purchased or claimed as a Stadia Pro subscriber with multiple family members.
  • Messaging on Stadia – You now have the ability to send messages to other players and members of parties on Stadia. This includes smart replies on gamepads for quick and easy responses. 
  • Capture sharing on mobile and web – You can now share your screenshots and video clips via link on mobile and web. Click the share button in your captures page to generate and share the link. (KWMedia Note: This doesn’t work on iOS yet, due to browser limitations)
  • Captures include game chat voice audio – Your own game chat voice will now be recorded in your video captures. 
  • Stadia Profile enhancements – We’ve updated your Stadia profile to include information such as owned games, friends list, and presence. We’ve also added shortcuts that will allow you to take quick player actions, such as inviting other players to your party. (KWMedia Note: This doesn’t work on iOS yet, due to browser limitations).

All these features are now live (Messaging only started rolling out today, so if it hasn’t landed for you yet. Give it a day or two), and are very welcome.

For more news on Stadia, you can check out StadiaSource – Your #1 Source for Stadia News & Reviews!

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