Watch Dogs Legion Review

Set in a not so distant future. Watch Dogs Legion starts you off in an eery life-like London, that’s not too different from our current climate.
The game is set in a dark future, with terrorist attacks hitting our beloved captial. And behind it, of course just like the first two games – DedSec are bringing their pain and misery to the world once more.

Unlike the first two games of the popular series, you won’t be given one main character to play throughout this game.
Ubisoft have cleverly recruited the whole of London. With every NPC you clock your eyes on, being a playable character.
Now there are some restrictions of course. You can’t just change to any player, you have to recruit and bring them into your team, by way of a mission.

Once this mission has been completed, you’ll then be welcoming that particular NPC into your team. Where at any time, you can change to them willy-nilly. And all those characters have there own characteristics and unique ability set too. So you could have a character with its own vehicle, one that has its own unique gun set, one that dies randomly (yes, really) and one that can get you more currency – the abilities are endless.

There’s also a new system in place, in regards to the death of said characters. Permadeath, on or off.
With permadeath on; once your character dies within the game. They’re gone… no way to get them back.
Of course, with permadeath off; you can rest-assured. That should a character die, you’ll either be able to play them instantly or with a hour-long cooldown.

There’s lots of customisation in Watch Dogs Legion, and you won’t be short of any outfits to change into.
Items that can be customised range from trousers, tops, jackets, shoes, masks, gloves and accessories.

The game itself is quite different to the first two games. And for me personally, I’m happy to finally see a game set in the UK. The level of
detail in this game is extemely high. And theres even signs that ray tracing is present in the London scenery.

I’ve been playing Watch Dogs Legion for just over a week now and after spending a good amount of time exploring – looking for recognisable places and shouting “I’ve been there!!” (naturally).

I’ve also delved-deep into the missions and thouroughly enjoyed them.
The missions are lengthy enough to not be over in minutes, but not be too long that you get bored. And if you’re a collector. Then you’ll enjoy gathering all collectible items in the this brilliantly created world. (Collectible items can be anything from, clothing, masks, tech points, documents and podcast-like audio files) and that’s just what I’ve found so far.

The game still relies heavily on hackable elements, and this does work well for the most part.
Sometimes, I have issues with locking on or activating road blocks. But that could be a me problem, as opposed to the game itself.

Driving is a big part of Watch Dogs Legion, and is one of the most fun ways to explore. (As well as driving on the correct side of the road in a game, finally!). With driving, as with previous games. You can steal any car you see (though, you can’t drive London buses for some reason). You can also jump into any car with a blue logo on the windscreen. This means it’s an autonomous and driver-less car. But of course, this is London. And what does London have – The Underground. A game set in London wouldn’t be right without the good old tube. And when used in-game, this offers superfast fast travel from underground station to station.
You don’t get to see any underground element, disappointingly, but that would have been a personal preference to see in Legion.

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing Watch Dogs Legion, and although some users have been plagued with bugs and crashes. I haven’t experienced any issues so far.

I’m looking forward to completing this game, as well as playing the year one DLC thats coming, including Stormzy & Aiden Pearce.

I’ve been playing the PC version of Watch Dogs Legion, and was provided the key by Ubisoft for review purposes.

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