New Apple Products Coming Soon

Apple have released details of their annual September press conference, held at Apple Park.

This year, save September 15th at 6pm (UK) for all your Apple goodness.

Though there seems to be a lot of speculation on what will actually be announced at this event, with some stating it’ll be a mix of digital press releases for some products, and a pre-recorded press conference for the iPhone 12. Some are also saying that an iPhone press conference could happen in October!

I personally can’t see Apple doing this and it makes more sense to announce everything at one press event. Of course, those speculating on the October release for iPhone 12 could be correct. But I don’t see Apple doing multiple press events, when they can dish all the info out, in one go!

I’ll be watching the Apple Press Conference on September 15th. And will live blog all announcemnets – See you there!

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