WWDC 2020 [Liveblog]

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Check out all the updates below.

  • All the new updates will be available this fall.
  • Public beta from next month. And for the first time, Apple Watch Public Beta.
  • Developer beta’s available from today.
  • New Macs are coming.
  • Mac is now changing to its own Apple Custom Silicone.
  • Historic day coming. New Mac transition coming!
  • Safari now has translation built-in.
  • New tabs update.
  • New privacy options and monitoring.
  • New wallpapers or your own photos.
  • Clean and fresh look, with customised start page.
  • Lots of new improvements to safari.
  • Safari extensions upgrade. So extensions can come to Mac.
  • Safari gets upgraded performance; 50 faster load time, than chrome.
  • Maps gets new design on Mac.
  • Messages on Mac, gets search, photo picker, and Memoji. As well as message effects and pin conversations and groups.
  • Devs can bring their own widgets.
  • Redesigned widgets are coming to MacOS to.
  • Notification centre has been update for MacOS.
  • Control centre has come to the Mac.
  • Calendar, notes and more updated. Including the layout of menus.
  • Photos side bar, and smooth animations.
  • New mail search bar.
  • Mail has new glyphs and colours.
  • Finder has new side bar.
  • New app icons.
  • Updated design is coming.
  • MacOS Big Sur is the next update.
  • Next up, MacOS.
  • Apple Original; Foundation coming to Apple TV+ in 2021.
  • Xbox elite controller support for Apple TV.
  • Multi user support for Apple Arcade on Apple TV.
  • Face recognition for cameras. And HomePod.
  • Adaptive lighting.
  • Automation will be simpler.
  • HomeKit is open source. And Apple will work with partners, including Amazon and Google to create a new standard.
  • Home is next.
  • Next up Apple is talking, Privacy.
  • Automatic detection for hand washing is coming.
  • Wind Down will allow you to personalise your screen for bed.
  • Sleep tracking is coming to watchOS 7.
  • Activity gets renamed to Fitness.
  • Updated summary in iOS.
  • Dance option for Apple Watch workouts.
  • Apple Maps cycling coming to Apple Watch & WatchOS 7.
  • Sharing via messages, safari, and social media. Can be added with one press.
  • watchOS 7 will enable Face Sharing.
  • New watch faces coming.
  • Multiple Complications are coming.
  • watchOS is next.
  • Surround sound movie like audio. Using gyroscope and accelerometer.
  • Apple is bringing special audio to AirPods Pro.
  • Next up, AirPods software.
  • On device learning. Will help improve over time.
  • Apple Pencil will let you write on screen and convert to text.
  • Scribble to iPad is coming.
  • Apple Pencil improvements.
  • Search will now take you straight to safari.
  • Search has been rebuilt and can be opened over any app.
  • Calls will have compact notifications, for calls. And will come to iOS too.
  • Updated Siri is coming to iPadOS.
  • Music has been updated.
  • Notes & files gets side bar.
  • Photos is getting a side bar button. With updated photos app.
  • Updated Widgets will come to iPadOS.
  • Next up is iPadOS.
  • Apple digital code will allow quick use of an Apple QR code.
  • Get access to part of an app, using a clip card. Without using the full app.
  • App Store gets App Clips.
  • Apple Car keys available on iOS 13.
  • Shareable keys to other people.
  • Secure NFC will allow unlock and start of car.
  • Digital Keys are coming to the 2021 BMW 5 series.
  • CarPlay has new wallpaper options, new options for EV parking, and more.
  • Congestion and green routes coming to Apple Maps and iOS 14.
  • EV routing will track your current charge. And route you to charge stations.
  • Apple Maps is getting dedicated Cycling navigation.
  • Guides is coming to maps.
  • Apple Maps Upgrade coming to the UK, Ireland and Canada.
  • Group photos and most active icons.
  • Messages gets inline replies and mentions.
  • Messages gets conversations, and pin-able Memoji, as well as notifications.
  • Conversation mode will allow two people to have conversations.
  • Translate app announced.
  • Siri will get better dictation. And many more languages.
  • Siri is now smarter. And will able to send audio messages.
  • Siri will now have ‘widget’ like notifications. And will be more compact.
  • Siri Is getting an upgrade.
  • Picture-in-picture video is coming to iOS 14.
  • Smart Stack will let you flip though different widgets.
  • Widgets have been upgraded for iOS 14. And they’re data rich too.
  • App Library organises all your apps.
  • iOS 14 announced.
  • First up, iOS.
  • Tim Cook welcomes us to the virtual stage.

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