Urbanista Athens True Wireless Earbuds

The Athens earbuds are stylish, compact and premium feeling – just the case alone feels quality and like you’re getting an expensive pair of earbuds.

The Athens are aimed more at someone that takes part in sports activities, but of course, you don’t have to be doing sports at all to use these.

They offer a rounded (Samsung-esque) design. That comes with 3 GoFit sizes, to accolade the differing ear shapes. While this time coming with a IP67 water resistant rating – which will be good for a light rain and the obvious sweating from a run.

You get a total playback time of 32 hours. With each charge giving 8 hours. The case therefore provides 3 full charges.

Music & volume controls come standard – And this time with a friendlier clickable button, on each bud. Voice assistant supports Google Now & Siri. And of course, the Athens earbuds connect to iOS & Android devices.

Having used the Athens for some time, I’ve found them to not be the style of earbud I prefer – I’ve always had issues with in-ear silicone buds staying in my ear. And while the Paris did work better for my ears. I’d imagine the style of Stockholm being a better fit for my ear.

However, and despite the silicone tips not liking my ears, when they do stay in. The sound quality is vastly improved compared to the Paris. And using them you really feel the music.

At £119 on URBANISTA. You’d struggle to find sound quality as good as these on any other brand at this price.

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