Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Quick notes;

  • Upon receiving the smart clock, I was pleasantly surprised to see the lovely grey soft cloth fabric surrounding the device, it really fits in well with my grey decor.
  • It’s compact size means it sits just right on my bedside table and doesn’t intrude the space around it.
  • With its clear 4″ display, it’s large enough to see the time without any struggles. And sensitive enough to use with one finger on the touch panel.
  • A USB port on the back, allows you to charge your device, which is a nice little touch.

My thoughts;

I’ve never really used an alarm clock before, as I’ve always relied heavily on my smartphone to wake me up in the mornings.

The Lenovo Smart Clock has changed the way in which I interact with my morning & bedtime routines. Allowing me to use simple voice gestures to nav my way to sleep or to wake up.

It also offers easy hands-free access to YouTube Music, without the need to use a phone – though I did have a few issues with the google assistant finding certain songs to play. (I believe this was an error in Google, rather than with Lenovo).

Using a smart clock has made my life just that little bit simpler and while I can probably do without the clock, it’s definitely a nice addition to my life. Allowing me to do things quickly & with ease, without the need to pick up my phone.

The smart clock allows you to set temperatures with your Nest device, dim the lights with Philips Hue, lock the doors, lower the blinds, tell you the news, play Spotify and of course set alarms. But most of all, with the Google Assistant, it brings that little bit more.

Finding out your commute time, checking the weather and finding out general information from Google – all this, built into a tiny smart package.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is available at many retailers, for £79 and would be a welcome addition to any bedroom.

Check out my unboxing video below;

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