EE Launches Unlimited Data Plans

EE today announced, it will join network Three & Vodafone in the ‘unlimited’ data plan race.

Not only will EE’s plans be unlimited, but there will also be no data caps or restrictions – meaning you’ll get access to the fastest speeds available!

The only caveat is that EE will offer separate 4G & 5G plans.

An unlimited 4G sim only plan will cost £34 a month for 12 months. Whereas an unlimited 5G sim only plan will cost you £44 a month, for 12 months.

For comparison:

Three offer one unlimited plan, with no restrictions and with support for 4G & 5G, for £20 per month, on a 12 month contract.

While Vodafone offer plans that support 4G & 5G, they separate into 3-tiers for speed restrictions. On a 12 month contract, each offer the following;

Vodafone unlimited lite – maximum download 2Mbps – £23 p/m.
Vodafone unlimited – maximum download 10Mbps – £26 p/m.
Vodafone unlimited max – fastest available speeds – £30 p/m.

The full EE press release follows:

  • EE launches new 4G and 5G unlimited data handset and SIM plans – providing access to the ultimate mobile experience on the UK’s no.1 network from just £34 per month
  • All EE unlimited 5G Smart handset plans and 5G Smart SIM plans come with three Swappable benefits: Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport App (HDR) access and Roam Further Pass access – worth more than £25 a month
  • New EE unlimited 4G Smart handset plans and SIM plans come with two inclusive Swappable benefits
  • The new EE unlimited data plans offer customers the UK’s best smartphone experience with no speed restrictions, up to 120GB of giftable monthly data, and the UK’s best mobile network with coverage in more places than any other

EE is launching the ultimate unlimited data plans on the best mobile network in the UK as rated by independent testing experts RootMetrics, for the sixth year running. Created for customers who want a completely unlimited experience, the new EE unlimited data plans come with no speed restrictions and are available today for 4G and 5G SIM-only and smartphone plan customers from EE shops, over the phone and on

Customers who want the ultimate smartphone experience on the UK’s first 5G network, can now take a 5G unlimited Smart Plan. As well as access to 5G, customers will never run out of great entertainment on the go, with the option to add an inclusive Amazon Prime Video subscription, HDR BT Sports App access and Roam Further Pass for the duration of their plan. This gives customers access to more than £25 worth of EE benefits each month, letting them watch movies, original TV shows and live sport on the go, all on EE’s award-winning network.

Customers with an unlimited 5G Smart smartphone plan will be able to choose from the widest range of 5G smartphones available from any UK network, starting from £69 per month. Alternatively, customers can choose an unlimited 5G SIM-only Smart plan for just £44 per month with the same benefits.

Customers who want access to the UK’s biggest and fastest 4G network can sign up for unlimited smartphone plans start from just £64 per month. 4G Smart Plan give customers two Swappable benefits, so they can choose the perks that best suits them at the start of their plan and then swap them for any of the other available benefits as their needs change. Swapping benefits is easy – customers simply switch online or via the My EE app.

EE is making unlimited data available to 4G SIM-only customers too, with prices starting from £34 per month for unlimited data on a 4G SIM-only plan and £39 for unlimited data on a 4G Smart SIM-only plan, which comes with two Swappable benefits.

All EE unlimited 4G and 5G data plan customers get the fastest speeds EE is able to offer and customers can use their plan to tether to other devices. What’s more, all of EE’s unlimited plans come with a 100GB monthly giftable data allowance, so customers can gift their data to additional lines linked to the account, and this increases to 120GB of giftable data if taking a 5G Smart handset plan.

Edward Goff, Marketing Director at EE, said: “If you want an unlimited data plan, you should get it on the UK’s best network, with the coverage and speeds that let you make the most of it. Our new unlimited range offers customers the ultimate smartphone experience in more places across the UK than any other network, all with no speed caps and great swappable benefits like Amazon Prime Video and BT Sport.”

In addition to swappable benefits, those with unlimited data on an EE Smart Plan can Upgrade Anytime, allowing them to upgrade their smartphone whenever they want and switch to the latest smartphone models before the end of their contract. Those on a pay monthly Smart handset plan bought directly from EE will also benefit from new EE Service Packs at no extra charge, including a customer handset lifetime guarantee and annual device and account MOT, helping to keep customers’ smartphones in tip-top condition.

For more information on EE’s new unlimited plans, customers can visit

Unlimited plans for businesses

From today, EE is also offering unlimited data plans on 5G and 4G for SMEs. A range of SME mobile plans are available including SIM-only and smartphone plans, giving business customers access to the UK’s best mobile network with superfast speeds and unlimited data to keep them connected whether at work or on the move.

EE SME plans include uncapped speed and data certainty, meaning customers have access to the fastest experience possible and the freedom to use their smartphones without running out of data or exceeding costs.

All business users will also enjoy great benefits like Upgrade Anytime and BT Sport, and 5G plans include Mobile Iron Threat Defence to help protect against security risks including device, network and app attacks.

Business SIM-only plans are available from £27, with smartphone plans ranging from £41.

For more information on unlimited plans for SME customers, please see

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