Apple Card Launched (US only)

Apple have launched the Apple Credit Card (Apple Card) in the U.S.

At present, it’s invite only, but that will change by the end of the month I’m sure.

Apple will want to get there new digital service in as many (iPhone) hands as possible.

The Apple Card is essentially, an Apple created credit card, in partnership with Goldman-Sachs.

It will all be handled on-device; Showing statements, balance, interest, payments, etc. And will be usable instantly, once approved.

You can use it just like you would with your other cards, within the Apple Wallet (where Apple Card lives) app and you can spend via Apple Pay.

For those making purchases with the Apple Card at an Apple Store, you’ll get; 3% cashback. 2% cashback for non-Apple everyday purchases and 1% for any non-contactless payments with the ultra premium looking titanium card, that will be laser etched with the Apple logo.

The titanium card will only hold your name and will be for retailers where contactless isn’t accepted. (Do those places still exist?)

At the moment, there’s no sign of Apple Card landing in the UK.
However, I’m pretty sure we’ll get an announcement for other countries at Apples annual September press conference.

Apple Card | Apple US | Apple UK

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