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UPDATE: I’ve now populated the sit with all the tweets. So it’s available in one scroll of the page.

Let’s get this live twitter blog started.

I’m going to live tweet the press conference. And it should all populate below.

  • It’s started. And we’re seeing different animations and even some Animojis.
  • We’re seeing a lot of “clues”. I’m the form of icons – within the animation.
  • A scene is now playing. We’re seeing various people on their Apple devices.
  • Looks like they’re all coding. Which makes sense, as this conference always has a big emphasis on coders – new and old
  • Tim Cook has taken to the stage.
  • He’s now thanking all the developers. And welcoming everyone to WWDC.
  • Talking about Apple News +, Apple Arcade & Apple TV +.
  • We’re now seeing a first look at For All Mankind. An Apple original series, coming soon. (Trailer below)
For All Mankind.
  • From the producer of Battlestar Galactica & Star Trek.
  • For All Mankind is coming to Apple TV + this fall.
  • Apple TV + will be best on Apple TV 4K.
  • multi user support is coming to tvOS on Apple TV.
  • Apple TV will get live lyrics on screen, when playing music through Apple Music.
  • XBOX One S AND DualShock 4 controller support is coming to tvOS, iOS & iPadOS, this fall.
  • Apple Watch is up next.
  • Apple Watch is the number 1 watch in the world.
  • Apple Watch has become an essential part our daily lives
  • WatchOS 6 will have more new watch faces.
  • Including, a new haptic chime feature, which will play a chime (and give haptic feedback) every hour, on the hour. For Apple Watch.
  • Voice Memos & Calculator and coming to Apple Watch.
  • Independent apps are coming to Apple Watch – devs will now be able to create apps, specifically for the Apple Watch only.
  • Theres a new streaming api coming to WatchOS 6.
  • The Apple Watch will have it’s own App Store.
  • You can purchase and install apps, directly on the Apple Watch.
  • Activity Trends are coming to WatchOS 6, and this will show if you’re bettering yourself, or not.
  • New Noise app detects the noise around you. Gives you warnings to let you know if your hearing health is at risk. Using the microphone on Apple Watch – the app or microphone does NOT record or save any audio.
  • Cycle tracking is coming to Apple Watch for the ladies. Including, fertile window prediction & upcoming period. It’s also available in the health app on iOS, so you can use it without the Apple Watch.
  • The health app is now updated, and has more detail, around your health.
  • One of the new modular watch faces shown, with new complications. Noise complication showing the decibels around you. And audiobooks on the watch face.
  • Voice memo complication being shown, on Apple Watch.
  • New WatchOS 6 App Store being shown next. An app being downloaded live on stage.
  • Lots more new features coming to WatchOS 6.
  • New summer watch bands will be available too. Including a new pride band.
  • iOS is up next.
  • iOS has the highest customer service satisfaction rating, at 97%.
  • 85% of customers have the latest iOS 12 install.
  • Performance is top in iOS 13. With FaceID now 30% faster.
  • App updates are faster to download. And smaller in size.
  • Apps will launch 2x faster. And all included with iOS 13.
  • Dark Mode gets officially unveiled, with a video. (Below)
  • New wallpapers, news, calendar, notes & messages now have dark Mode. As well as across the UI.
  • Swipe is now native on iOS 13.
  • Photos with Dark Mode looks brilliant.
  • Photos now includes intelligent share mode.
  • Music now has a dark mode. And we now get timed synced lyrics too.
  • New safari, mail and reminders updates.
  • Apple Maps update, now includes richer, more detailed maps. And will be coming to the US by the end of 2019.
  • Apple Maps now has a favourites tab and collections. So you can get to the places you love quicker.
  • New binocular button gives you a look around window.
  • HD look around, and a “street view” style feature is coming. Looks very smooth in the demo.
  • Location access is now putting you in further control.
  • You can now share your location, just once. With the app needing to ask again for permission to use your location.
  • You’ll get regular reports, to ensure you want to continue allowing location access. (If you choose the always allow option).
  • Apple announces Sign in with Apple. A new solution to a growing privacy problem.
  • Sign in with Apple, won’t track you. And will always authenticate you with FaceID.
  • A new email permission means you can hide your real email address. Apple will create a randomised email, so you can’t be tracked or spammed. And when you no longer want to be getting any emails, you can revoke access. And you’ll no longer receive anything from said company.
  • HomeKit Secure Video, a new encrypted service. To stop recordings being seen by anyone, but you. Coming to the Home app.
  • iOS 13 now allows name and photos sharing, through the contacts app. Only shared to people you communicate with. (Like PSN, share my name or only show gamer tag etc.)
  • Newer updated Animoji, new makeup and accessories – including AirPods. (Video below).
  • New Memoji stickers – for each of your Animoji. Are now available in your keyboard shortcut.
  • New photos editing features are coming.
  • New editing tools will now allow you to edit videos. AND you can finally rotate a video.
  • The new photos app is fast and fluid. And now has pinch to zoom in and out.
  • Clicking the “days” tab, will bring your photos to life. With a cleaner looking UI.
  • Months tab will show you the greatest photos and videos of the month.
  • The years tab will show you highlights of your previous years.
  • AirPods, HomePod, CarPlay & Siri updates next.
  • Whilst wearing AirPods, Siri will now read your messages to you, as soon as they arrive.
  • Audio sharing is now a thing, with just a tap. Via handoff.
  • Bring your iPhone close to a HomePod. And your currently playing music or podcast will then start playing on the HomePod.
  • Do it in reverse, and you’ll have your HomePod, send it back to your iPhone to continue playing out the door.
  • HomePod will now recognise different users.
  • CarPlay dashboard is now updated, with the biggest update, ever.
  • Siri will now sound more natural, with Neural text to speech.
  • iPad is up next.
  • iPadOS is here. An independent OS, just for iPad.
  • Pinned widgets now on the home screen, with a swipe from the left of the screen.
  • Slider over with multiple apps.
  • Multi window split screen, now supports better multitasking on the home screen.
  • iCloud Drive now supports files sharing.
  • Thumb drives are now supported, when plugged directly into the iPad with iPadOS.
  • Cameras will work too, by plugging directly into the iPad.
  • Safari will now bring desktop-class browsing on iPad.
  • And download manager is finally coming to safari.
  • Newer gestures on iPad.
  • Including, copy, paste and undo.
  • 3-finger pinch to copy.
  • 3-finger spread to paste.
  • 3-finger swipe left to undo.
  • 3-finger swipe right to redo.
  • New Apple Pencil Kit API is coming.
  • Apple have lowered the latency from 20ms to 9ms. And this I believe is the best in the industry.
  • New markup features for iPadOS & Apple Pencil.
  • MacBook is next.
  • Apple announced the Mac Pro. (Video below)
  • A new tower style Mac.
  • Up to 28-core processor.
  • 300 watts of power.
  • And up to 1.5TB system memory.
  • The Mac Pro has the worlds most powerful graphics card.
  • The Afterburner can support 3 streams of 8K OR 12 streams of 4K. Which is impressive.
  • 1.4kW power supply.
  • The Mac Pro has unique air flow vents, and an aluminium body.
  • And there’s optional wheels too, if you want to wheel it around.
  • Lots of companies supporting the new capabilities of the Mac Pro.
  • We’re now seeing an 8K video, live on stage. With 100 million pixels on one screen.
  • This is the most powerful Mac ever built.
  • Theres an optional 6K Retina display.
  • The stand supports portrait mode.
  • The display has a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.
  • They’re not calling it HDR.
  • This is the Pro Display XDR.
  • Mac Pro will start from $5999.
  • The Pro Display XDR will start at $4999.
  • Both of which, will be available this fall.
  • MacOS is up next.
  • MacOS’ next update is called; Catalina.
  • iTunes is no more.
  • Apple Music, Podcasts and Apple TV will replace iTunes, with the individual apps. (Makes more sense)
  • New accessibility features, means you can now control your MacBook or iOS device with voice control.
  • Find My can now locate your devices – even when offline.
  • Find My is encrypted and anonymous when using the Bluetooth feature of finding a list device.
  • Activation Lock stops anyone from accessing or even logging into your MacBook.
  • New apps, gallery and notes, as well as reminders and screen time.
  • Devs, you can now build a single app, and with the Catalyst technology, it will work across all devices: iOS, iPadOS & MacBook.
  • New AR features with ARKit3.
  • More immersive environments.
  • AR people inclusion. And AR motion capture.
  • Minecraft Earth now being shown live on stage. Which is a new AR experience.
  • You can now go in the game, thanks to people inclusion.
  • Swift UI announced.
  • Swift UI is all about the devs. It makes the interface look easy. Simpler. And more intuitive.
  • Beta for all softwares are now available today.
  • A public seed of the software will be available from July.
  • And of course, all software update will be available to everyone, this fall.
  • The press conference has now come to a close.

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