The 5G Revolution Is Coming

With all networks currently “racing” to get it launched and 5G compatible devices in your hands first.

The revolution (or is it evolution), of the next generation technology is hotting up for a big release this Thursday (30th May 2019) when the UK’s biggest network EE launches its 5G service and officially turns it on.

5G phones are available for pre order, with most being delivered this week. And when they do. If you happen to be in one of the 6 official launch cities, you’ll be streaming faster than ever before.

No official speeds have been confirmed yet. But I’d expect them to reach at least 500Mbps.

As with all new technology though, expect there to be some teething problems. While the networks get the masses online.

Vodafone have also released there 5G launch date as 3rd July 2019.

We’re currently waiting for O2 & Three to announce there plans. I’d expect them to launch around the same time as EE & Vodafone or somewhere in between. So expect a press event or announcement soon from both of those networks.

I’m hoping they will all roll 5G out at a decent rate and with good quality too. And by good quality, I mean a service that actually works… everywhere.

Even now, I still get times where my signal goes completely. And with the amount we all pay for phone contracts and sim only. We should be getting a reliable working connection.

And don’t get me started on speed – I get that even having a 4G signal is great. But when it still only delivers dial up speeds. It really is worthless.

When 5G launches. I hope they sort these minor issues out. I want signal, and speed to be top notch. So let’s see if they can all deliver.

Are you looking forward to 5G generation? Comment below.

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