Apple Event Liveblog (March 25th)

Apple News

  • Apple News is now the #1 news app.
  • Apple brings Magazines to the news app.
  • Apple News+ announced.
  • Over 300 magazines available.
  • Subscription will cost $9.99 Per month (UK price to be announced)
  • Family sharing at no extra cost.
  • Available today after the event.
  • Lauching in USA & Canada (Of course).
  • U.K. & Australia will come in the fall (2019). Followed by Europe.

Apple Pay

  • Apple Pay will work on Transit, starting in Portland, Chicago & New York City.
  • Apple announces new service, and it’s called Apple Card.
  • Sign Up in app. And get your card instantly. Within Apple Wallet.
  • Worldwide acceptance with Apple Pay.
  • All analytics, in app. And on-device.
  • Simpler, identifiable transactions.
  • Automatically organises transactions. Showing amount spent.
  • Every time you spend with Apple Card, you get rewards, via Cashback. And this is called Daily Cash.
  • 2% Daily Cash on all Apple Pay transactions.
  • 3% Daily Cash within Apple stores.
  • Unlimited Daily Cash.
  • New interest-saving.
  • No late fees, annual fees or international fees.
  • Lower interest rates, no penalty.
  • Partnered with Goldman Sachs & MasterCard.
  • Private & secure.
  • Apple announce a physical titanium card, for when Apple Pay isn’t accepted.
  • No card number, no cvv, expiry, etc
  • 1% Daily Cash with physical card transactions.
  • Available in the summer to US customers only. (Of course).

App Store

  • Apple announces Apple Arcade. A subscription based gaming service.
  • 100+ new and exclusive games.
  • Games won’t be available on any other platform or service.
  • Available on the App Store. And across all devices. (iPhone, iPad, Mac & Apple TV).
  • Available on & offline.
  • No ads and no additional purchases.
  • One subscription for Apple Arcade.
  • Family sharing at no additional charge.
  • Available this Fall.
  • More details to come at a later date.


  • Apple announces Apple TV Channels.
  • New Apple TV app design.
  • All in one app.
  • Pick up where you left off.
  • Search with Siri.
  • Apple TV app now personalises your recommendations.
  • Play your streamed services within the Apple TV app.
  • Available on iPhone, iPad & Apple TV.
  • A software update will enable this May.
  • Available on Mac this fall.
  • Apple TV app coming to smart TVs.
  • Samsung will be first. Followed by LG, Sony and Vizio.
  • Roku & Fire TV to follow.
  • Apple announces Apple TV+.
  • Various big A-List Hollywood celebs talking on stage and teasing there new shows. All from Apples Original TV.
  • Ad-free subscription service.
  • Exclusive Apple Originals.
  • Coming to 100+ Countries.
  • Coming this fall 2019.

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