Month: March 2019

Apple Expands Apple Watch ECG Feature To Other Countries

It’s officially available right now in the U.K. As well as the following other countries; The update comes in at just over 500mb in size, and will add the much awaited feature to the the Series 4 Apple Watch only. The update comes via WatchOS 5.2. And also adds support for Apple’s 2nd gen AirPods. If you’re curious as to what an ECG looks like. Go download the update. And check it out. Check outContinue reading

Apple Event Liveblog (March 25th)

Apple News Apple News is now the #1 news app. Apple brings Magazines to the news app. Apple News+ announced. Over 300 magazines available. Subscription will cost $9.99 Per month (UK price to be announced) Family sharing at no extra cost. Available today after the event. Lauching in USA & Canada (Of course). U.K. & Australia will come in the fall (2019). Followed by Europe. Apple Pay Apple Pay will work on Transit, starting inContinue reading

PlayStation ‘State Of Play’ Announced

UPDATED: Link added below. The PlayStation team have announced a live press event, named ‘State of Play’, to give updates to PS4 & PS VR software updates and announcements. The event will take place on March 25th, 2019. And will broadcast live at 9pm (UK Time) GMT. Check back at a later date, to find a link to the event.

Google Announce New Gaming Platform [Stadia]

Stadia is a game streaming service currently in development. With a 2019 release date. Not only will Stadia – not a hardware gaming box – allow people like you & I, to stream a library full of games over the internet, straight to our supported device. It will allow us to stream those said games, to practically ANY device. Be it iPhone, Pixel, iPad, Chromebook, PC, Laptop, MacBook, Android Phone or your living room TV.Continue reading

PS4 Remote Play now available on iOS

UPDATE: app available here We’ve been waiting for remote play, since it became a thing on Sony Xperia way back when. I’ve been hoping and dreaming for this on iOS for a long long time. Today, all our iOS prayers were answered. Not only will this work on iPhone, but that large iPad display too. So now we have remote play, the only issue is we can’t use the DualShock 4, as it won’t connect.Continue reading