Curve All-in-one Debit Card

Today, I received my Curve card.

The jack of all trades debit card, that puts all my other cards, into one.

The card itself, is quite different. First of all, it has a premium look to it. While the basic card – the one I have, for now – is actually just plastic.

It does have a brushed metal print on it. And if you really think it’s metallic. It almost feels it… almost.

This card lets you spend abroad with no fees*. As well as withdraw cash at ATM machines*.

Now, there are limits and fair usage policies in place. Depending on what level of subscription you’re at with Curve.

The Curve Blue (the one I have) is the free option. Giving you £500 fee-free spending abroad. And a limit of £200 to withdraw cash at ATM’s abroad. The card also lets you receive 1% cash back from three selected retailers within the U.K.

As well as the features of using abroad. You can also use within the U.K as normal.

The card itself can be used, wherever you see the MasterCard logo. And has Contactless built right in.

The Curve Black Card, is £9.99 per month. And has all the features above. But the limits are raised slightly. So you have an unlimited spend abroad limit*. And £400 for ATM withdrawals. As well as worldwide travel insurance. And gadget insurance. Plus six retailers to earn cash back from.

The Curve Metal comes with 3 colour options, (blue, pink and red). And costs £14.99 per month.

As the name suggests. This one comes with an 18g brushed metal card. As well as all the features from above. Once again, the limits are raised.

Unlimited spending abroad*. £600 ATM withdrawal limit. The worldwide travel insurance. Gadget insurance. Six retailer cash back at 1%. And they also have a Airport lounge access card, listed as coming soon.

The card itself comes with a very handy app. And allows you to monitor all transactions. You can add multiple cards. And choose which one you’d like the physical card to be.

So if you want to use your joint account card. You select that specific one within the app. And like magic. The physical card is now the joint account. Switch back to your personal. And again. The physical card becomes that card.

So it’s a nice way to carry all your cards. With one simple way of using them all. And not having to carry around every single card.

Now I know we’re slowly moving everything to contactless. And Apple Pay is becoming ever increasingly popular. But there are still limits right now. So needing a physical card is still very much needed. And let’s face it. We don’t want a heavy wallet with 5 or 6 different cards to choose from.

What Curve have done. Is create a virtual wallet of sorts. But with the simplicity of only needing one. (Like the one ring, to rule them all).

I’m very much looking forward to using Curve. Both in the U.K. and abroad. And hope it’s convenice will keep on shining through.

Check out the website below. You can also use my referral code: AEK384GE


(* Fair Usage Applies)

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