Three UK Offering Best Fibre Deal?

Three could be offering one of the best deals going right now. And if you’re looking for fast and reliable home broadband, without the wires, without the phone line, without the home phone, without restrictions.. then you need to continue reading.

Three, who are one of the UK’s best networks for data (& good deals) are currently offering HomeFi, with unlimited data. No upfront costs. And all for a nice £22 per month.

If you’re not sure what HomeFi is – it’s basically run off of there 4G network. A SIM card, that’s plugged into a router. And that router emits a wireless signal. Just like any other.

Only, this one is super quick. Especially if you’re in a 4G+ supported area. You could be getting speeds upto 150 Mbps. And that my friends is on par with Fibre speeds.

I currently pay £55 per month for 150 Mbps from BT (but only because I had to). They’re the only service provider currently supplying my new build home. And it’s all done through FTTP. So I had no choice!

If and when 4G becomes more reliable (& speeds improve over the 10 Mbps mark), I would ABSOLUTELY consider this deal from network Three.

Go check it out for yourselves.

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